All School Assembly Song!

Today was our second all school assembly of the year so it’s time to get kids in the mindset to what it means to be a “whole body listener” in a large room.  Last year I was tasked by some colleagues to come up with a song for these occasions.  I’ve developed a bit of a reputation for composing silly songs about “relevant” topics (comes from my political songwriting days).  Here are the lyrics to our “Day One Assembly Song”.  Think Rodgers and Hammerstein:

When it’s time to see the show,
There’re something   you’ve got to know,
From the moment in the hall, to the final curtain call,
Let this knowledge help you grow, let’s review before we go
So please recite the following and then and enjoy the show..    Ohhhhh,

Be a super sitter sit so all can share the show
When a piece is over please applaud so students know
That you did appreciate the things they did present-itate
and when you’re done applauding
please stop clapping hands go up stop yapping
Please stay still no nervous tapping, soon it’s time to go…        Sooooo

Exit as you enter you know this is nothing new
Stay in single file slowly quiet calm and cool
If you do these things so nice to do,
we will smile right back at you.
Every week we have our chance,
to sing and dance, to be the greatest audience,
and thanks to staff and Mr Cate
at Symonds  we all know we’re great
and now it’s time for us to state
Let’s Start Assembly!

I often sing the last part twice and the seconds time super fast.   After we sang the song, we ended assembly with our original “Hail Symonds School”, in which I hope to instill a sense of place in our community.


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