Music everywhere….

Music Saves Education is the belief that the arts are essential to engaging children in a public school community.    Academic achievement and “buy in” to learning is stronger when students have a well developed sense of place and purpose.  Its doesn’t take an expert to understand that learning happens when students care.  Singing, dancing, creating visual art and just generally participating in positive and fun large group synchronistic activities makes kids want to learn.   In great schools, music is not confined to the music room or a performance, it is a part of every day life, in daily or weekly traditions, and part of core academics.

YOU ARE INVITED to stay and read the blog, gather ideas for your educational experience and check out some of the musical and creative experiences we have fostered at Symonds School in Keene, NH.

Peter Siegel is a  K-5 music educator in the Keene, NH school district and touring musician with The Gaslight Tinkers.

Check out “Mr. Siegel’s YouTube channel” with songs and activities :

“We can be together”, a song to get through the pandemic with kids.

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