Songs of the Harvest, Halloween and Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving Day ”
By John McCutcheon
Sung by 4C

Thanksgiving Day by John McCutcheon sung by 4C

Thanksgiving Day
by John McCutcheon

Thankful for the food
Thankful for the company
Thankful for the things
That we do and say
Thankful for the friends
Thankful for the family
Glad to be together
On Thanksgiving Day

On the edge of season here in late November
Autumn nearly over and winter in the air
We have good reason to pause and remember
The blessing that we share Chorus

Let us remember those gone before us
The ones with the brain and the strength and the might
Showed us the way, laid it before us
Turned the darkness into light 

Let us imagine those still in waiting
The ones who look so open-eyed
Those who’ll one day rise before us
Strong and proud prepared to guide Chorus

May the ways that we treat others
Be the measure of our worth
May our memory be a blessing
On the future of this earth Chorus

©1997 John McCutcheon/Appalsongs (ASCAP) and Joe Hill Music (ASCAP)

“I’m not scared”
a Halloween song by Bob Blue
Sung by 2P

I’m – not – scared
by Bob Blue

I’m – not – scared
I’m – not – scared
See this smile upon my face
That proves that I’m not scared.

I went into a big, dark house I went there by myself.
It seemed to me as if it had a ghost on every shelf.
A friend of mine was hiding there and then I saw his head.
He jumped right out and shouted “Boo!” and this is what I said:


One night when camping in the woods, I heard a spooky sound.
I slipped out of my sleeping bag to take a look around.
The night was dark, the shadows deep A spooky, creepy night.
And this is what I shouted out, while shivering with fright.


When I go out on Halloween the spooks will be out, too.
And so I think I’ll watch my step, and so, I think, should you.
And if I get a little scared, I’ll keep in mind this song.
We’re gonna sing it one more time, so you’d better sing along: